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Shma Koleinu: A Jewish People's Commentary on the Siddur
by Rabbi Steven Schwarzman

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Enveloped in Light: A Tallit Sourcebook
by Dov Peretz Elkins and Steven Schwarzman

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Encyclopedia Judaica, Second Edition (21 Volume Set)
Encyclopedia Judaica, Second Edition (21 Volume Set)

Conservative Judaism

Looking for a good book on Conservative Judaism?

Conservative Judaism in America began as a reaction. There were several efforts in the 1800s to unite all Jews in America, which explains why many of the institutions created then have such nondenominational names. (Take, for example, Reform Judaism's Central Conference of American Rabbis, or its congregational arm, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; on the Conservative side, how about the Rabbinical Assembly or the United Synagogue of America?) But these efforts, already straining, came to a quick halt with the famous "treif banquet" .

The Conservative movement chose the middle ground between Reform, which it felt went too far toward assimilation, and Orthodoxy, which it felt mistakenly had frozen halacha (Jewish law) instead of adapting it to modern times. Speaking sociologically, the Conservative movement aimed to serve the immigrants and children of immigrants from Eastern Europe who wanted a mostly traditional service, mostly in Hebrew, but in a comfortable, suburban style. Postwar Conservative Judaism grew rapidly, and many synagogues built in that period are large buildings with many kinds of facilities ("shuls with pools") in order to offer something for everyone.

In Israel, the Conservative movement is known as Masorti, which means traditional...not to be confused with the Traditional movement that broke away from the Conservative movement when the latter began admitting women to rabbinical school.

Books on Conservative Jews and Judaism

The books shown below include books of Conservative Jewish theology and practice, histories of Conservative Judaism, some publications of the Conservative movement and its rabbinical school, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and the new Conservative commentary on the Torah, Etz Hayim.

conservative judaism

The New Rabbi: A Congregation Searches for Its Leader

conservative judaism

Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary

conservative judaism

Conservative Judaism: The New Century

conservative judaism

Jews in the Center: Conservative Synagogues and Their Members

conservative judaism

Conservative Judaism in America: A Biographical Dictionary and Sourcebook (Jewish Denominations in America)

conservative judaism

A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice

conservative judaism

An Ethnographic Study of an American Conservative Synagogue

conservative judaism

The Conservative Movement in Judaism: Dilemmas and Opportunities (Suny Series in American Jewish Society in the 1990s)

conservative judaism

Fill a Blank Page: A Biography of Solomon Schechter

conservative judaism

Passover Haggadah: The Feast of Freedom

conservative judaism

Deepening a Commitment: Zionism and the Conservative/Masorti Movement

conservative judaism

Jews by Choice: A Study of Converts to Reform and Conservative Judaism

conservative judaism

The Bedside Torah: Wisdom, Visions, and Dreams

conservative judaism

Common Ground: The Weekly Torah Portion Through the Eyes of a Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform Rabbi

conservative judaism

Tradition Renewed: A History of the Jewish Theological Seminary

conservative judaism

God in the Teachings of Conservative Judaism (Emet Ve Emunah: Studies in Conservative Jewish Thought, Vol 3)

conservative judaism

Moreh Derekh: The Rabbi's Manual of the Rabbinical Assembly

conservative judaism

Jewish Year 2003 Calendar: Treaures from the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York

conservative judaism

Fire! the Library Is Burning: The Library Is Burning

conservative judaism

A different spirit : the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1886-1902

conservative judaism

Of Learning and Libraries: The Seminary Library at One Hundred

conservative judaism

The American Synagogue: A Sanctuary Transformed: A Centennial Publication of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America

conservative judaism

Sabbath and Festival Prayerbook

conservative judaism

Responsa, 1991-2000: Sheelot U-Teshuvot

conservative judaism

Aspects of Rabbinic Theology: With a New Introduction by Neil Gillman, Including the Original Preface of 1909 & the Introduction by Louis Finkelstein

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